nETWORK Consulting
Companies looking beyond the realm of reactive network maintenance to proactive network management are turning to WADE TECH . This results in a dramatic decline in total cost of ownership of any information system. By serving as a single point of contact for your technology needs, WADE TECH's Consulting team can help you increase availability and improve performance. WADE TECH's Consulting's experience with a multitude of vendors helps to provide you with the best solution to any of your needs.

Network Management solutions
WADE TECH' s solutions address all critical aspects of network management -- everything from optimizing performance and implementing workflow solutions to designing, deploying and operating full-scale network operations and service centers.

Performance Management
WADE TECH''s performance experts help network managers evaluate network and application performance and guides in the development of an ideal network performance management design. Service options cover a range of performance projects, from modeling a new application roll-out to installing and configuring probes, as well as ongoing performance management that will help you decrease network costs and increase application performance.

Fault Management
WADE TECH's Consulting's Fault Management offers proactive fault detection and problem resolution. If a WADE TECH Consulting engineer detects an on site hardware or software failure, we'll dispatch the requisite engineer, or we'll work on your behalf with any other service provider you may have to ensure that any problems are quickly resolved.


Network Design

Combining years of experience in network design and implementation with the most up to date knowledge makes our network design team one of the best in the industry.

Our design process begins by collecting key information and reviewing your current network topology. They'll model your network using your existing application data (i.e., topology and traffic information), or data that can be generated by our network analyst tools.

WADE TECH 's team will then generate recommendations for your specific requirements regarding network design, capacity planning or application/implementation decisions.

The next step is for WADE TECH to meet with a group of equipment vendors. By using a multitude of vendors we insure that you get a great price and a perfect solution.

WADE TECH will then create an implementation plan based upon your company's business needs to minimize or eliminate your downtime.

WADE TECH employees are a group of highly trained and certified network installers who make any install or upgrade, from servers to wall jacks, a breeze.

After the install takes place our staff will be there for you to fine tune and support the implementation.

WADE TECH's core compentencies:

Network Infrastructure
Voice over IP
Video on demand
Video conferencing
Security monitoring Equipment
Storage & Content Networking
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Computer viruses and hacking are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Threats include data loss caused by malicious intent; Internet-based worm, denial-of-service, and virus attacks; security compromises by internal sources; and penetration attacks aimed at stealing or damaging valuable assets.

Managing and coordinating virus protection, detection and defense along with the recovery of critical systems requires an on-going effort that entails a variety of tools, procedures, and policies. WADE TECH can assist you at any level in your efforts to protect your information system, from security audits to creating a comprehensive security strategy. WADE TECH offers affordable hourly or contract service to help small businesses set up and maintain secure networks based on Microsoft Windows and Cisco technology.

MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT. The most costly element of your information technology (IT) systems and Networks is not the technology it's the resources required to keep them running efficiently, and WADE TECH's Consulting's maintenance services can help you optimize those resources.

WADE TECH's Consulting maintenance services deliver a complete range of options to meet your specific requirements and budget.Our remote diagnostic alert system catches most problems before they become an issue.

This in conjunction with our other services makes our maintenance plan a step above the rest.

We include:

24x7 Support
Phone based
Proactive maintenance
Security Audits
System patching



The website design development services of WADE TECH include the creation of web sites that range between:

Entry Level Website's: Online brochure type websites that act as a starting point for companies seeking to enter the Internet arena, or for those companies which have more limited needs. Although these websites are brochure type orientated the information is presented in a highly professional manner, interactivity is often incorporated and every opportunity is taken to maximize business opportunities with the end result often in our experience exceed customer expectations.

Macromedia Flash Websites : Online animation is fast becoming the norm and WADE TECH's developers are leaders within this field, both from an animation and technical perspective but also from a marketing / sales perspective. We leverage off of this experience to turn what would be just another great looking flash website in to one that actually works.

Medium to Large scale developments : With an extensive experience base ranging from the development of associate based ecommerce websites through to the creation of large ecommerce Business-to-Business (B2B) websites/portals WADE TECH is your company of choice.

Large scale Internet Applications : No matter how large or complex your project might appear the team at WADE TECH can often help bring your ideas to reality. From initial interview stages right the way through consultancy and planning stages to project modeling, development, customer profiling, evaluation and modification, WADE TECH is the one company that should be at the top of your shortlist.